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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where have I been?


I just came back to my blog and thought-SURELY MY LAST UPDATE WAS NOT ON THE THIRD....Well, I guess it was. Lots has happened since then, I was going to post pictures of Tynes the kicker for the KC chiefs, because he was so close to us during the Texans preseason game last week, and he is so cute!!! :) Anyway, I am so pumped for the new football season! OUR SEASON TICKETS ROCK, THEY ARE ON THE 50 YARD LINE AND THEY ARE IN THE 3RD ROW...RIGHT BEHIND THE TEXANS BENCH...So, I am sure I will have some good shots to post soon. Being at the field and tailgating got me excited for our fantasy draft, whicj is coming up on Saturday! The only down fall is that we are drafting during the Bristol night race. OOPS! I am also playing in a salary cap league this year, it looks like fun but we will see. Besides the Texans we went and watched the Astros in the last couple of weeks, MAN ARE THEY BLOWING IT!!! ALso, in the last two weeks, I ended my reign at the paper and started at the dealership. I have been in learning overload-with the new job, the new golf swing and homework...Tonight was my night off, but my cable is out, thanks to the rain! soooo, I am catching up in the blogosphere! What is new with you?


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