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Friday, June 30, 2006


Here we go again, The AP was reporting about the new NASCAR championship points system this morning. Apparently they are going to make changes for the 2007 season. I will comment on this later, because I had tons of great ideas about how they should do this and then forgot them after the beginning of the season this year, because I figured the current way would be around for a while. What do you guys think they should do? I know they need to do something because I hate watching the middle of the season now, its like;;;;might just as well wait for the season to get down to 10...And last year those 10 didn't interest me either....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

CARS-the Movie

So, we finally got to see CARS last night for the first time. I was well worth the two time admission and popcorn junk. It made me laugh and it made me cry, no really. Paul Newman did a great job! I love the tractors the best. I still am amazed at the animation abilities of the folks at Pixar, the scenery was unreal, which I guess I should say was soooo real looking, if the cars didn't smile, you might not know you were in an animated feature. We were not the only couple in the movies with out a Kid...but, almost. The only thing that was a little annoying was the previews, I love getting to the movies in time for the previews, because I don't watch TV enough to know what movies are about what, and then I try to choose a movie off of a title. Impossible. So, sorry I got off track, but, the first 5 or so previews were really good, and then the last three were movies for a Christmas (almost understandable) release, but then one for a Spring 2007 release and then the last one was for Summer 2007. Ok, So I can only figure that kid brainwashing must need a year to foster or something. It is barely summer 2006. This also annoys me about car dealerships, they have had the 2007 tahoes and suburbans in since the very beginning of 2006. Well, the only other thing that was a mystery to me was why Jr. got a cameo role, when his sponsor is Budweiser, they didn't put those stickers on the car, but still, why couldn't the M & M Car or a kid-friendly car like Jeff Gordon, or Terry Labonte and the DLP in the are right it isn't about budweiser it is about Jr.----oh, and at the Texas race, DLP was pushing the technology with the use of all animated features to demonstrate the quality of the new TVs, I think that would have fit nicely....The best part of the movie was the parts that played on the closing credits. :)

Monday, June 26, 2006


Well, the Texas race comes and goes and then the summer comes and I get to watch an occassional night race, but wow, what a finish yesterday, TERRY LABONTE got third place and JEFF GORDON won, (first time in 20 races, seems like 60, huh, Brian) Anyway, Yippee. I felt like I would have missed out if I would have missed the whole race. Oh, and Jeff Gordon is Engaged as of Saturday and wins on Sunday, maybe his race/love funk-bad luck is Over now. And-next week-night race! GO TEAM CHEVY!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Craig Biggio is in a heated battle with the Phillies' Chase Utley for the starting second base position in the 77th Midsummer Classic. Currently, Biggio is in second place trailing by only 158,792 votes. The race isn't over - vote today.


So, I have been bombarded with people asking me, why I haven't been posting. I kept saying that I was on vacation...And the bad part is that I had plenty of good material on my travels, and a constant conflict of karma...Like, when I had plenty of time, there was no computer, I was staying in a camper with no internet, in a town of 500 people, so No, No WIFI here... Then, when I had access to a computer, I had no time to chronicle my wonderful information. I had great stuff in my head to write, too...Who couldn't come up with great stuff after hanging out with my husbands ex-wife and husband, family galore, and a wedding. I now realize that I haven't posted in 20 days and that I was only on vacation for 10, hmmm, guess I need a new excuse. Good news is, maybe I will get my Verizon wifi card for Christmas with a shiny new laptop, so that I can post anywhere and everywhere. Hear that Santa? If you wanta toa reada my stuff, you need to fill my sock... (not in Ashley Terms either.) Quick Highlights of the trip...The beautiful bride, seeing Grandma (88) and Grandpa (93?), spending $33 dollars on movie admission and yummy popcorn, complete with Coke Products to watch half the opening credits of CARS, a movie I actually wanted to see, and took my grandson, as an alibi, good thing GOD invented Netflix. I know already I am buying Kalob that movie from Me for Christmas., Another highlight was getting to catch three uncles bdays...Chris (50th, celebrated with a polish Luau) Ernie (74) and Dave (65), both celebrated at my aunts house with yummy potluck food. Speaking of food, I got to re-experience the awesome Polish delight Klusky noodles (dumpling) and sauerkraut. Non-Food highlights include spending time with a great high school friend, Shannon. Playing golf with her and my sister was fun, even though I didn't figure out how to hit the ball until hole number 8, which thank you very much, we used my ball (we were playing Scramble style) Actually it was hole 8 of the second day, I also played like 17 holes the day before. I informed Rodney that I figured it out, and I am ready to go to the driving range, without him yapping in my ear, about keep your eye on the ball, yada, yada, yada., slow down, yada, yada, yada... He said ok, we need to get you some clubs, and I said Ok, and I have already picked out my shoes, to which he said NO, you can't get shoes until you play golf for 9 years. Maybe Santa heard the kind of shoes that I wanted? There are many more highlights, like UND shopping, Whidmans Shopping, eating at the Red Pepper!!!!! Seeing My Dad's best bud and visiting for a couple of hours, coffee from the Urban Stampede, and seeing a couple of friends from high school that I haven't seen since the 1990's sometime, Kim and Noel...Also, I got to see cousins I haven't seen since a long time....Ok, I will not bore you anymore, the more I type, the more things I remember I did, I must have had FUN. Now, it is back to work, and to planning the next vacation.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Hurricane Season

Hey, welcome to hurricane season. Here is a picture of Hurricane Rita, I found it on a government website that shows the damage to the coast.

We have just launched our new hurricane website

Come visit, we still have a lot of information to post, but I thought you might like the 150 years of ruin link to the ap. ( you have to cick on the top right where it says 150 years of ruin)

150 years of Ruin

Who is hosting the Hurricane Party?

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